In March, our Silver Spoons engaged in an activity in which they learned that “Kids Can Cook Too.” The goal of this session was to teach the children simple menus that they can create independently as well as learn proper table etiquette. This culinary lesson was led by Chef Dan at our local Giant Food Store kitchen. He guided the children through the steps of making individual pizzas with a variety of toppings. The children also made fruit kabobs and chocolate chip cookies.  Chef Dan not only showed the children how to make these dishes, he also encouraged the children to try vegetables and fruit they may not have tried before OR thought they did not like, with the hope of expanding their palates. He was pleased to see that a few children took the challenge! As the cookies were baking, the children were exposed to – and practiced- the Emily Post table manners. Before the children ate the food they created, the children also learned how to set the table-according to Emily Post.  Once the food was ready and the table was set,  the children sat down together and practiced the newly learned table manners. The children enjoyed the food they created and left this activity with the knowledge that “kids CAN cook!”