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Important Information for Election Day

This is our final Election Update with important information you will need to vote in Tuesday’s election. We all know that this election will be like none we have seen in our lifetimes. With Pennsylvania being a closely watched swing state, we need to continue to turn...

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Make a Plan to VOTE!

Mothers with just over one week until the election, it’s time to MAKE A PLAN TO VOTE! Here is some helpful information/resources to help you get prepared to cast your vote on November 3rd!   If you plan to VOTE BY MAIL, check out last week’s resources on mail-in...

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Top 10 Mandates for Practicing Self-Care

Top 10 Mandates for Practicing Self-Care

A common concern I see in my practice is women who feel worn out, burned out, fatigued, stressed, depressed, and tired of trying to impress. Women singing the oft common refrain, “I just feel so tired all of the time”. I get it. I’ve been there too. It can be an...

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