Grade Groups


Community Service


Copper Pennies

We have developed activities that will foster relationships for a lifetime. By planting seeds centered on the National Program Thrusts under EDUCATION, CULTURAL, CIVIC, SOCIAL, and HEALTH. We believe that our little Copper Pennies have the “The Power to make a Difference”.

Silver Spoons

The Silver Spoons grade group is comprised of bright youth in Kindergarten through 2nd grade who are learning about a variety of topics including government, the arts, STEM and health & wellness. Their 2019-20 program year will include trips to the National Constitution Center, Elmwood Zoo and the March for Babies March of Dimes Walk. Additionally, our children will learn the impact they can make on the lives of others through a service project on the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service in January. 

Golden Nuggets

The Golden Nuggets will play, serve, and go on a historical journey. From being of service at a home for seniors to zip lining at Urban Air to a journey through a hideaway on the Underground Railroad, our Elementary aged children experience it all during the 2019-2020 program year.

Precious Jewels

The 2019/2020 program year will be an exciting time for our Precious Jewels Middle Schoolers. Our program highlights will be a mix of field trips such as the black violin, community service projects and educational activities that enhance our political knowledge and social skills. We are focusing on building community, relationships and activism.

Crown Jewels

The Montgomery County, PA Chapter includes a TEEN group of vibrant 9th-12th graders, who are self-motivated and committed to the mission of our national organization.

Teens interact in a self-governing environment strategically aligned with the mothers’ program, aimed to develop and nurture leadership skills. Additionally, teens are encouraged to hold elected offices, chair committees and further develop their understanding of the value of community service.

Monthly, Teens are engaged in:

  • Activities that emphasize cultural, social, educational or civic thrusts.
  • Business meetings that include operational and organizational functions. Teens learn clear communication and effective decision making.
  • Leadership and Financial Modules that teach necessary skills to assume leadership positions through high school, college and the workforce.
  • Teen Leadership Committees to develop and enhance skill-sets required to effectively lead in a constantly-changing society.