Kelly Bethea, President

Initiated:  2007 as Legacy

Children:  Chase – Crown Jewel and Carson – Precious Jewel

Past Leadership within Chapter:   Vice President, Program Director, Fundraising, Black Family Day, Chaplain

Best thing about our chapter:  The moms and their children. Truly a family-friendly chapter!



Melissa Brown, Vice President

Initiated:  2001

Children:  Mikayla – Crown Jewels, Morgan  β€“ Crown Jewels, Maia – junior at Howard University

Past Leadership within Chapter:  Program Director, Ski Trip co-chair, Precious Jewels grade group chair and Christmas Party Co-Chair

Best thing about our chapter:   The wonderful families that are part of this group.  I admire these moms both professionally and personally and it’s a great comfort to know that we are all working together to make a difference in the lives of our children.


Angela Shakur, Recording Secretary

Initiated:  2016

Children:  Amira – Precious Jewels and Amani – Golden Nuggets 

Past Leadership within Chapter:  Co-Chair Black Family Day

Best thing about our chapter:  Our chapter is full of dynamic women that inspire me to be my best. I absolutely love the example we set for our children.



Maleeka Carroll, Corresponding Secretary

Initiated:  2014

Children:  Madison – Silver Spoons

Past Leadership within Chapter:  Chaired Christmas Party 

Best thing about our chapter:  The programming, sacrifice, and dedication this chapter intentionally puts forth for our children to succeed. 



Audrey Dudley, Financial Secretary

Initiated:  2014 as Legacy

Children: Veronica – Precious Jewel

Past Leadership: Parliamentarian, Bylaws Chair; 2nd Time on the Eboard

Best Thing about our chapter:  The best thing about our Chapter is working with such beautiful and talented Moms who want the best for their children and community.



Jacquie Patterson, Treasurer

Initiated:  2014

Children and Grade Group:  Julienne – Golden Nuggets

Past Leadership within Chapter:  Co-Chair of the Fundraising Committee, Grade Group Chair

Best thing about our chapter:  We have a group of great moms who want to ensure that our kids become active and contributing citizens by exposing them to enriching social and educational opportunities.



Aliya Hammond, Editor

Initiated:  2014

Children:  Zoe – Precious Jewels and Nia – Golden Nuggets

Past Leadership within Chapter:  Black Family Day Co-Chair

Best thing about our chapter:   The dedication our moms have with making sure our children’s programming is a success and the love we all feel for each of the families within our chapter.



Pamula Hart, Program Director

Initiated:  2009

Children:  Grayson and Ella- both Precious Jewels

Past Leadership within Chapter:  Grade Group Chairperson

Best thing about our chapter:  The positive energy, creativity and unwavering support our mothers have for one another and for all of our children.



Marisia Mills, Parliamentarian

Initiated:  2008

Children:  David and Daniel – Precious Jewels

Past Leadership within Chapter:  Grade Group Chair, Nominating Committee – Chair

Best thing about our chapter:  Friendship and Fellowship






Past Leadership within Chapter:  

Best thing about our chapter: 


Shelly Pullian, Teen Advisor

Initiated:  2003 as Legacy

Children:  Aidan – Crown Jewel and Erick – Freshman in college

Past Leadership within Chapter: President, Editor, Lead Teen Advisor, Fundraising Co-Chair, Black Family Day Co-Chair, Ski Trip Co-chair, Presentation Gala Quad Chair

Best thing about our chapter:  The constant love and support we give our children and each other make this chapter extra special!!!



Kelci Trent, Chaplain

Initiated: 2016

Children: Kaylin – Golden Nuggets and Michael – Silver Spoons

Past leadership: Acting Editor for 2016-2018

Best thing about the chapter: The connections the children have which has created beautiful and genuine connections with the mothers in the chapter


Monique Galloway, Foundation Chair

Initiated:  2016

Children:  Ethan – Golden Nuggets and Ian – Copper Pennies

Past Leadership within Chapter:  Christmas Party Committee Member

Best thing about our chapter:   I get to spend time with dedicated, like-minded moms who truly value the importance of protecting our children, while also planting seeds of faith, knowledge, hope, self-awareness, and love within our children through meaningful programming and service to the community.



Sonya Ephraim, Sergeant at Arms

Initiated:  2016

Children:  Laila – Golden Nugget and Lennox – Silver Spoon

Past Leadership within Chapter:   Co-Chair Christmas Party

Best thing about our chapter:  The sense of having a village to help raise my children.  The exposure to like-minded families that value education, and are trying to raise healthy, happy, well rounded and productive children that will someday be leaders in our community.




Montgomery County, PA Chapter of Jack and Jill