The Par-0-Monts organization was formed in September of 1982. The first meeting for interested families was held at the home of Mrs. Anne Reasoner Sumpter. Nineteen mothers attended the initial meeting, which formed the interest group of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Sponsorship was established in October of 1982 and the Chester County Chapter accepted the important task of providing the guiding direction for the development of our organization. In November of 1982, we adopted the name, Par-0-Monts. By the end of November 1982, the organization had doubled size to 38 mothers.Montgomery County, PA Chapter 1984

The Par-O-Monts sought official sanctioning as interest group from the National Office in late November and worked to organize age groups, committees and activities for each age group. The 1982-83 activity calendars were developed and fundraising commenced while the Par-O-Monts awaited a reply from the National Office.

In February of 1983, the Par-O-Monts were notified that the National Office recognized the organization as a viable interest group. The teens took an active role, attended conferences, and hosted meetings and social gatherings. In addition, there was a well-rounded calendar of events for all of the age groups. During the second year, names were selected for each age group:

Copper Pennies      2-4 years old

Silver Spoons         K-2nd Grade

Golden Nuggets     3rd-5th Grade

Precious Jewels      6th-8th Grade

Crown Jewels          9th-12th grade.

The theme of the Eastern Region “Focus on the Family” has always been supported by our organization. Promoting the development of our children is central to our purpose and to that end, we have continually developed activities that focused on four major areas: civic responsibility, cultural development, educational awareness, social responsibility and acceptability.

Provisional status was granted to the Par-O-Monts in the spring of 1983. Final notification was received in early May.  On May 19, 1984, a delegation of 12 members of the Par-0-Monts attended the workshop for Provisional Groups to prepare for the day our organization would become an installed group in the National Organization of Jack and Jill of America, Inc.

Since our installation as the Montgomery County, PA Chapter, we have continued to uphold the values established in 1984. We have made significant financial contributions to Foundation and have served the National Organization.